Reno Rodeo and Western Heritage Museum

This year will be the seventh year the Reno Rodeo museum will open during rodeo. Continuing to look for ways to share interesting rodeo information and history, we have developed several new displays each year. Our little pop-up museum will just continue to get better and better and we hope you find us and visit this coming rodeo. 

Some experienced and some new volunteers manned the museum in 2023. We could sure use a couple more to help set up on work day and tear down on the Sunday following finals. 

If you are a member or a wrangler and are interested in being involved with developing the museum resources or in hosting museum visitors, email Lynne Liebelt, Chairman at [email protected] for more information. 

If you are not a wrangler or member, consider contacting Manpower or visiting the Wrangler page.

Due to lack of storage space and time for processing, donations to the Reno Rodeo and Western Heritage Museum must now be accompanied by a donation document. This document is meant to provide information about the donation at the time it is received. A link to the document follows. The donation document also lists IRS deduction information.

Thank you,

Reno Rodeo and Western Heritage Museum Committee and The Nevada Western Heritage Center Alliance