2024 Buckle

Issuing commemorative belt buckles started in 1987 by that year’s Reno Rodeo President Bob Beach. Since its inception, there has an ongoing numbered series of 500. The current sitting president comes up with a theme or design and then decides the shape, size, colors and other details that will represent for their year of service.

Each year the buckles are pre-sold to those who have previously become collectors. All the buckles are committed to these collectors until the first Saturday’s performance of the rodeo when the assigned buckles that haven’t been purchased for that year become open to the public for sale. This first goes to a current waiting list, to confirm if they still want a buckle. Any leftover at that point it is on a first come first serve. A credit card over the phone will also hold it.

Upon occasion, buckle collectors decide to sell those. If you are interested in selling one or all of your Reno Rodeo Limited Edition Belt Buckle, please contact Karen Riley, Buckle Chairman. E-mail. [email protected]

The 2024 buckle is on sale now!

For centuries, the Great Basin has been synonymous with sagebrush, the Nevada State Flower. Just as the aroma of a sprig of sagebrush is unmistakable, the 2024 Reno Rodeo commemorative buckle, made in the USA by Montana Silversmiths is also a treasured symbol of the Reno Rodeo.

The iconic RR brand is preserved in 24-karat gold and nestled among the 99.9% fine silver finish of Charleston and Wheeler mountain peaks. Notice the sagebrush in bloom rising from the earth to meet the sun’s rays on the horizon while cradling the Reno Rodeo logo. Within each silver bezel rests a midnight black cubic zirconia stone for a classic contrast. The wild and flowering native shrubs combined with the abundance of every meaningful detail sealed in gold represent Carrie Ann Sattler’s vision and love for Reno Rodeo as the 2024 President.