Our Future Plans

The Reno Rodeo Legacy Committee is Moving Forward

Despite multiple challenges dating back to the poor economy of 2008 and the most recent health pandemic, the committee continues to move forward with projects that will benefit the Reno Rodeo Association and the entire Northern Nevada community.

In 2019, after months of meetings, planning, and design, a concept was presented to the Nevada legislature. The committee obtained a $1M grant that the Reno Rodeo matched to develop our current 30% schematic design plans and estimates.

Recognizing that this project would flourish with greater community involvement, the Legacy Committee, with the support of The Blueprint Collaborative, helped to establish another 501(c)(3) organization, titled the Nevada Western Heritage Center Alliance (NvWHCA). This team, led by a cross-section of local leadership, has its own board of directors and is charged with facilitating a funding campaign and the final steps for the project. Additional goals for the Alliance include promoting agriculture to the next generation, preserving the Northern Nevada Western Heritage, and diversifying agriculture and equine events for the region.

The Legacy Committee and the NvWHCA are currently working to fund, design, and construct Phase 1 of the project (new Exhibit Hall, a Secondary Indoor Area, and refurbishing the Existing Indoor Arena).

In addition, the Legacy Committee oversees the Reno Rodeo Strategic Plan, which is undergoing its third revision this year. This plan is designed to identify key initiatives for the Reno Rodeo and ensure that the entire committee stays focused on these initiatives going forward. The five key priorities that the Strategic Plan addresses include:

  1. Achieve growth by providing an enhanced rodeo experience.
  2. Build a broad base of support by fostering community partnerships.
  3. Improve communications, collaboration, training, and engagement within the Association.
  4. Maintain the financial integrity of the Association.
  5. Support youth rodeo and Western Heritage in Northern Nevada.

NvWHCA Board of Directors – Voting
Perry Di Loreto, President
Michonne Ascuaga, Co-Vice President
Mary Simmons, Co-Vice President
Mike Torvinen, Treasurer
Andi Morency, Secretary
Tom Dolan
Oliver Miller
Eathan O’Bryant
Carrie Ann Sattler
Clint Thiesse

NvWHCA Board of Directors – Advisory
Tom Cates, Nevada Junior Livestock Show Board
George Combs, Reno Rodeo Association
Eric Crump, Washoe County
Rhonda Leach, RSCVA
Tony Marini, THE ROW
Alyson, McCormick, City of Sparks
Bill Payne, Dean, UNR College of Agriculture
Brad Sidener, Reno Rodeo Association
Ashley Turney, City of Reno
Woody Worthington, Nevada State Board of Agriculture

Reno Rodeo Legacy Committee
Clint Thiesse, Past President 2012, and Committee Chair
Craig Downey, Past President 2021
Paul Gordon, Director
Andi Morency, Director
Rich Pettinari, Director
Melissa Rosenthal, Director
Carrie Ann Sattler, Officer Liaison, President-Elect 2024
Sarah Schmidt, Director
Brad Sidener, Past President, 2017
Mark Sutton, Director
Mike Torvinen, Past President 2019