2020 Miss Reno Rodeo

Sylvana Talamantes

Sylvana Talamantes is the twenty three year old daughter of Kaysi and Carlos. Although she was not born and raised in Nevada, Sylvana considers this silver state to be home. She was raised on a ranch with her older brother Casey where she learned the value of working hard and developed a passion for animals. Sylvana’s parents introduced horses into her life at a young age and at five years old she trained her first horse, Silver. Since then, her passions of horses has only grown. Sylvana competes in English, hunter jumper, western pleasure, working ranch horse and barrel racing on horses that she has trained. She has won over twenty belt buckles, three saddles, and a horse trailer throughout her years of riding. Without horses, she would not be the person she is today.

Aside from horses, Sylvana enjoys running the beef operation she started with her brother Casey. They started this business four years ago to pay for tuition at the University of Nevada Reno. She is currently attending the university as a junior completing her duel major in veterinarian science and agricultural science. Sylvana is pursuing her doctorate in veterinarian medicine and hopes to one day be a veterinarian in Nevada. She enjoys volunteering her time at veterinarian hospitals and animal shelters helping with animals and learning more about her career. During her free time, Sylvana enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking, fly fishing, kayaking, snowboarding, and playing with her two dogs, Cinco and Mallard.

Sylvana fell in love with the Reno Rodeo in 2014 when she met Miss Reno Rodeo at the Red Bluff Rodeo. Miss Reno Rodeo not only had a pride in the Reno Rodeo Sylvana admired, but she had a pride for a community that supported her. Since then, Sylvana has always wanted to be a part of this amazing rodeo and community. Once she moved to Reno, she truly felt the embrace of this beautiful state even more. As Miss Reno Rodeo Sylvana has the opportunity to be an inspirational ambassador for the Reno Rodeo and our community. She is able to share why the toughest sport on dirt is so important for generations to come and how the Reno Rodeo is a huge part of Nevada’s identity. Just like in 2014 when Sylvana met Miss Reno Rodeo, she wants to share her pride for her community and the Reno Rodeo.

Sylvana HeadShot

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